Report on Activities (2021)

    The Arcadia Foundation awarded a grant to Stichting IFLA Foundation, in order to implement the Knowledge Rights 21 Programme. The Programme is being implemented by IFLA in coordination with its partners LIBER and SPARC Europe.

    The goal of the grant is to achieve and implement reforms to copyright law and regulation that enable libraries to provide significantly greater possibilities to access and use copyrighted works. The Programme aims to promote reform at the European and national levels and provide valuable examples for the rest of the world.

    Knowledge Rights 21 is focused on 5 main activities:

    • Facilitating access to e-books for users of public and academic libraries;
    • Protecting users’ rights from contract override and technological protection measures
    • Socialising open norms in Europe;  
    • Advocating for legislated secondary publishing rights; 
    • Accelerating the uptake of rights retention. 

    The programme also aims to build strong networks on copyright in national library fields, and enable these to work closely together with partner stakeholders, and in line with its long-term goal of ensuring that libraries are able to bring their voices to the table in subsequent reforms and debates.

    In 2021, the architecture of the Programme was established, and recruitment carried out for a Programme Manager to oversee its day to day operations. Support was given to colleagues in Germany working to promote reform to rules around eLending, and initial contacts made with other countries in order to understand better the current situation around copyright and advocacy. This puts the Programme in a strong position to start delivering concrete results in 2022.

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