Stichting IFLA Foundation

    RSIN 8175.58.263

    Chamber of commerce registration number: 27296674

    Postal Address

    Stichting IFLA Foundation
    Prins Willem-Alexanderhof 5
    2595 BE The Hague



    The Stichting IFLA Foundation (SIF) was founded in 2007 to promote the international support, cooperation, exchange of information, education, research, and development within the scope of the library and information services sector in general. In addition, the Foundation seeks to protect, preserve, and document written and printed cultural heritage, and all that is in connection with these purposes.

    The Foundation tries to achieve this objective by supporting the activities of IFLA.


    The funding of the Foundation includes:

    1. Donations and periodic contributions
    2. Testamentary succession and specific legacies
    3. Subsidies
    4. Proceeds of the activities (also) organised by the Foundation
    5. Results of fund-raising and actions
    6. And all other income

    Donations may be made to the Stichting IFLA Foundation.

    Individual applications for grant funds should not be made to the Stichting IFLA Foundation, as they will not be considered by the Board of Directors.


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